PhotoBotanic is my commercial brand as well as a photo process where I make botanic illustrations, celebrating plants. In this category look for news on the products, e-books, and prints to be found on the website as they are created. ((Link))

Seeing ‘Roger’s Red’

Some days, simply venturing out with the camera is truly a tonic.  With full intent to go capture some photo or another, I escape the office, get out of doors, needing, indeed craving for photos to wash over me, allow me to click a...

Rosa ‘Apple Blossom’

It took 4 months to grow this picture; a single second in the garden to "see" it; and 8 hours of computer work to clean it up. The one second part is easy to explain.  Last Saturday was a garden day and when I walked... – Self-Publishing Experiment

At launch of my new e-pub site,, one book is ready, 3 more scheduled. I have spent 30+ years in garden publishing, and am still standing.  I sold my first photograph 42 years ago.  Along the way I have received some nice awards and have...