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Writing about 30 years of garden photography, photo assignments, personal art expirations, along with the business of a garden photographer with a stock photo library.
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Garden Photography Workshop

Garden Photography Workshop

  I offer garden photograph workshops all around the country.  Built around my book “The PhotoBotanic Garden Photography Workshop” and the photo lessons at the Learning Center at, the workshops offer an opportunity to sharpen your skills and focus your concentration with an assignment theme for reach workshop. You can do this on your own, by giving yourself an assignment, something to wor... Read More »

The Beauty of Natives

The Beauty of Natives

  As a professional garden photographer for more than 25 years, I have seen all sorts of gardens and have learned a lot from many expert gardeners, designers, and plant geeks. California native p... Read More »

Peeling Bark

Peeling Bark

I see what I see, even if I can’t show it very well on a blog.  Here, the peeling bark of a Manzanita (Arctostaphylos densiflora) has been transformed into elegant orange, rust, and mahogany bru... Read More »

Seeing ‘Roger’s Red’

Seeing ‘Roger’s Red’

Some days, simply venturing out with the camera is truly a tonic.  With full intent to go capture some photo or another, I escape the office, get out of doors, needing, indeed craving for photos to wa... Read More »

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This website serves as my calling card, place to share my favorite photographs from many years as a garden photographer. It has been a thrilling ride, learning from some of the absolute best gardeners, designers, and landscape architects in the business. I have been honored and humbled to visit many of the best gardens in America as I have learned to celebrate plants as found there.
I take the fine art of garden photography quite seriously, and feel a responsibility to educate, even change the aesthetic of what we think of in a garden photograph. Good photos lead to good gardens, and with my work, I want to promote success and sustainability through the media.
I hope you will be entertained here on my personal blog where I talk about my personal art I call “Mental Seeds”, occasionally rant about odd occurrences I can only do here in the ‘privacy’ of my personal website, and review my garden photography workshops. In the Learning Center of my more public, business site PhotoBotanic you will find a much deeper blog, a living book constantly updated in the Learning Center, as well as licensing links to my stock photography, a Store where I sell my books, e-books, iBooks, fine art prints, and merchandise.
I love hearing from you. Please Comment about my garden pictures . . .