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A Blur is a Blur

Blurred water reflection

Kurtis Pond, Blur #2

I don’t know where the blurriness of my left eye has led me.  Did I “see” these blurry water reflections, or did I just get lucky ?

Standing by the edge of this pond in Mettawa, Illinois late in the afternoon of a long day of shooting, I felt an unwelcome wind pick up and ripple the fine reflections I anticipated shooting.  Day is done, no more garden photos now.

But wait, I can still take photos.   I can still play and experiment.  The composition is there – shapes and colors.  Try for mood.  So what if it is blurry ?  If the Sweet Flag dances and the water shakes, if the tree is a ghost in the cool steely blur, well then, that is the story.  Isn’t that what I am really seeing?  See blur, photograph blur.  Easy.

blurry water - silver steakes

Silver streaks made visible with a long shutter speed were once waves, only imagined brush strokes when I let my blurry eye wonder.  Not much I really see actually.  Muted color, indistinct shape; and blurs.  I didn’t know what the camera would see.

I have cataract surgery on Monday.  Many months of blurs may finally be corrected.  For the better I presume.  Actually I don’t presume, I’m counting on it.  I am pretty darn tired of stumbling around.

Back to the pond; I try frame after frame as the tree disappears and returns amidst the shimmering grays, the Acoris trembling against the wind.  I exposed many frames with the camera, previewed, and kept only 3, contrary to all advice – which is not to edit and delete in camera.  We are advised to pick favorites at home with the safety of back-up files and hindsight.  Not these images though.  Have courage of your work.  I wish I could have picked only one.

blurry water, windy pond
Kurtis Pond, Blur #3

After the next surgery, perceptions will change again.  What will I see ?  What will I remember of the blurs I saw ?  Gauzy soft impressions will become a technique not a reality.  Was I lucky to see blurs ?  Was I lucky the camera could see it too ? Or is a blur just a blur no matter what reason the photographer decides to use it?

Hmmmm.  I am thinking too much.  I like . . . I show.

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