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My Father Died Today

Aug. 15, 1914 – Jan. 12, 2011



My father died today.

Micajah Quincy Holt (1914-2011).

And that is the end.

I guess.


(am i sad ?)


I walk into the garden,

Where my father taught me.

The sky is too huge


He is smiling broadly

That sly warm wink

“Sax, I’m here.

It’s wonderful.

I slipped in.”


We all re-assure by phone

Mom is strong, knowing

The unexpected ashes

And science’ loss

An old brain, body spent.


I didn’t know what to plant today,

It is winter.

Cautiously I cut back the asparagus

Quietly picked up the persimmons.

My eyes still playing tricks.


Asparagus grew wild

In my mother’s meadow

And alongside the dusted beans

In my father’s garden

Down by the barn.


Bye Pop


A life well lived

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