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Katsura and Berberis - Foliage Tapestry Swirl

Drifting through Beth’s garden in the quiet still morning I was unsure whether I would take any pictures.  I just wanted some time to appreciate her marvelous Oregon garden so full of choice plants and foliage textures.  Before you take a decent picture you have to see it; and I am unsure of my vision these days.

My eyes are not right.  The cataract surgery went smoothly enough but I am still left with the pronounced vision loss in the left eye from the detached retina surgeries.  I am wearing a single contact lens in the “good” eye but feel very unsure of my balance, have limited stereo vision, and not seeing the way I want to see.

I can’t yet put my finger on what is not right, but I do know there is no going back.  My vision will never be the same.

Angst.  No better word as I look for some inspiration in a garden I know should inspire, even in this quiet season of late summer.  I have it to myself.  Quiet, a cathedral in the trees.

Oregon cathedral woods

What DO I see ?  Relax and respond.  I see light when it hits me in the face.  I see it blur in my eyes and flare across everything.  Are there pictures here?  Do I have to see my old definition of beauty ?  And if I don’t, what DO I see ?

Let this be the new reality.  Trust the story.  Embed the feeling.  I let the journalist in me play with the Moss Man as he holds a seat for Beth’s departed sister.

Moss man in Beth's Garden, September

But what else?  Where is beauty ?  I don’t know damn it !  I feel all swirly and unsteady;  shapes blur and meld.  Shoot that then.  See what happens in the computer later.  The camera image is only the starting point; and the journey continues.

Katsura and Berberis - Foliage Tapestry Swirl Vertical


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